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30 things I didn't know 30 years ago :

  1. Eating sweet bread is not a prize or calories to burn.
  2. The routine that is created by will and from one's own pleasure will be more lasting.
  3. My body knows how to set limits for its benefit, I just need to pay attention to it.
  4. Excessing myself at work and being “productive” all the time harms my mental health, and therefore, reduces my productivity.
  5. My organs, tissues and body structure are a reflection of my spirit and vice versa. If my body feels healthy and strong, my spirit feels healthy and strong.
  6. It's good to go back to the same place but it's better to go to a new place.
  7. I don't need to get up later tomorrow, I need to go to bed earlier today.
  8. Hurting other people hurts me too.
  9. Confronting and shaping my fears frees me from them.
  10. I cannot judge from my position, my reality is not universal.
  11. If you want to better understand a story, an experience, a story, it is good to know everything around it, think like Sherlock Holmes, search and analyze even the hidden details.
  12. There are friendships that were never really friends and there are friendships that were but are no longer.
  13. One day you give your heart to someone and the next you don't even know who they are, and that's fine.
  14. "Live slowly", "go at your own pace", rest, give yourself time and other tips to focus on your personal growth are phrases from privileged people that are not functional or objective for everyone.
  15. I am a privileged person.
  16. Feminism helped several of us (not all) in many ways, but it also hurt us in many others.
  17. Within the feminist activist world there is a lot of violence towards other women, who would have thought.
  18. Acapulco is very beautiful.
  19. You always miss what was left at home.
  20. The masses of water, preferably and mainly sea (without a doubt), in my body are my favorite sensation. 
  21. Every day, literally every day of a lifetime, you can learn something new, but you must look at it with interest and wonder.
  22. The nostalgic, sad and melancholic or visceral, raw and psychological versions of any expression of art are my favorites.
  23. Writing and drawing are the tools that I unconsciously learned to use to express myself and shape my thoughts.
  24. My family and my happiness are the only thing that really matters.
  25. Your body and mind do start to change in an unknown and new way when you reach the age of 30, it's not a myth, it's real.
  26. Contemplating, remaining silent, observing, reflecting, thinking broadly is important (and necessary) to understand who you are and why you do what you do.
  27. What other people say or do is not my responsibility, I am only responsible for my own words and actions.
  28. Awkward conversations will always bring something good.
  29. Everything changes.
  30. 30 things I didn't know 30 years ago is a very small number to list everything I've learned over these 30 years but very difficult to achieve.

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