3:46 a.m. I went from feeling like nothing makes sense to being so excited to get back to writing.

I started writing from a very young age, it's something my dad taught me to do. I was around 9 years old when he gave me a hardcover notebook and told me that I could start writing my diary there. He made me put my name and the year. From that moment I kept writing constantly, always honest, always for myself.

I have jumped media. This last year has been the year that I have written the least in my life due to the high demand for work that I have had, but now thinking about it I think that is why I have been feeling lost. I don't think they are separate events.

Now, starting a new blog, the brilliance and interest returned. Of course, no one ever forced me to write, I loved it from the moment my dad told me it was something possible, and above all, something important.

Things that make me happy but I stopped doing and started to feel less happy:



go out by bike


read horror stories

Go to museums

live near the sea


Things that make me happy that I continue to do:

Listen to music

take therapy 

Analog photography

Being with Tulio, Majahuita and Giovanny 

Things I would like to do more or start doing because I think they would make me very happy:

To surf


video vlogging 


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